Staff Profiles

Ed Carpenter

Ed Carpenter is a lead instructor and associate of North American Training Solutions and brings more than 10 years worth of knowledge and experience to the team in a varity of aspects within the tree care and forestry industries. Ed is a full time teacher/ educator at Bristol County Agricultural High school in Dighton Massachusetts, where he is involved on a daily basis in the training of future arborist of the Tree Care Industry. Ed volunteers much of his time serving on many committees, helping with industry sponsored events, and inspiring both young and old arborist the like.

You can find Ed in his free time hiking in New England and Upstate New York, hanging out with his friends and family, and rock climbing with his beautiful girlfriend Marcy and their dog Keribiener (Bean).

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Born in a small tourist town in Vermont. That is where my passion for the outdoors began.  What open my eyes to arboriculture was my attendance to the Southern Vermont Career center, enrolling in the forestry program.  I made an impulse decision to attend Stockbridge School of Agriculture. This is where I found out the opportunities that could and are of being an arborist.  This was the beginning to a exciting and wide adverse culture that the arboriculture industry offers. During and after graduating from Stockbridge I worked for several tree companies though out the Northeast and Colorado.

With experience under my belt and with a great business partner we decide to fulfill our dreams of working for a company that holds a name of great quality, and maintaining a fun and safe environment.


  • Associates degree in Arboriculture (Stockbridge School of Agriculture)
  • ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborist

Certified Arboriculture Technician in:

  • Technical tree felling and cutting
  • Tree Climbing, work positioning and fall protection
  • Emergency Readiness and High angle rescue
  • Integrated tree risk assessment CPR and First aid certified.

When I am not enjoying my deep passion for the outdoors climbing trees you probably won’t see me because I am in the remote wilderness exploring and pushing myself to new heights.