How to Water Your Urban Trees


Water your tree thoroughly with approximately 20 gallons, or hand water by running a hose at low pressure for 20 minutes. A tree needs approximately 10 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter. Boston’s new street trees are typically 2 inches in size. During really hot weather, your tree will need 30 gallons of water each week, applied in 2 separate waterings: 15 gallons one day and 15 gallons a few days later. Please pour the water slowly into the pipe-grate. Cultivating or digging up the top 3 inches of the pit can help with infiltration of water. This helps lessen compaction can keeps the pit looking clean. A 3″ layer of mulch will help the soil to stay moist and will also help prevent weeds

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  1. Jason Sykes says:

    Good writeup, there is a lot of misconceptions around watering trees.

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